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82 hotels to sleep in before you die: Pikes Ibiza (nr. 4)

Pikes is a luxury hotel in the countryside of Ibiza. It’s not just a hotel actually, it once was Rock & Roll heaven on earth! The legendary venue was mostly famous for the over-the-top parties. Lots of drugs, sex and Rock & Roll. If walls could talk…

Room 4

Pikes hotel then and now

You might know Pikes Hotel from Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’ clip, as it was filmed there (you can see the owner Tony Pike at the beginning of the video, it’s the guy with the hat and moustache). As a result of the succes of Wham’s videoclip, the hotel soon became a favorite hangout for musicians, singers and other A-list celebrities. Naomi Campbell, Grace Jones, Kylie Minogue (still one of her fav hotels), Boy George, Frank Zappa, Bon Jovi, Roger Moore – they all came to Pikes.

Freddie Mercury’s celebrated his 41st birthday party at Pikes in 1987. The party lasted three days and it is known to have been one of the most extravagant parties ever on Ibiza. The hotel in San Antonio became the centre of the Ibiza party scene in the 80s ànd its owner the symbol of hedonism. Boy George called Tony Pike ‘the Hugh Hefner of Ibiza’.

By the 1990s though, tragedy struck. The hotel was having some difficulties and Pike tried to sell it. His son was murdered when he traveled to Miami, in 1998, to discuss the deal. Enrico “Chico” Forti was sentenced to life for his murder but has always denied killing him.

Anthony Pikes

In 1995, Tony was diagnosed with HIV and he was given five years to live. But this guy was tough! Anthony ‘Tony’ Pike died last February in Ibiza, aged 85. He had been suffering from prostate and skin cancer. He had started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for treatment of the cancer. The life of this man is…like wow…let’s say he fully lived it. He wrote his memoir, Mr. Pikes. Someone should make a movie out of it!

He was born in southern England in 1934, had little as a child, grew up during the 2nd World War. As a teen, he worked in the stables, then enrolled in the Royal navy followed by the Merchant Navy (still only 15 at that point!). He ended up in Australia which he would call his homeland for some time.

Pikes led a very colourful life, including a shipwreck in the Caribbean just off the Bermuda Triangle and many weddings and divorces. He sailed around the world, bought (and sold) an island in Papua New Guinea, ran a marina in France and finally arrived in Ibiza in 1978. He bought the 15th-century finca which had no electricity or running water and renovated it with his girlfriend and his sons. July 4, 1980 was the official opening date of Pikes hotel.

Room 9

New and improved?

Pikes Hotel, now called Pikes Ibiza, was sold in 2008 to Dawn Hindle and Andy McKay from the Ibiza Rocks organization, who owned clubs on the island and the Ibiza Rocks Hotel in the nearby town. In the summer of 2011, Pikes Hotel was re-launched as Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel. Tony Pike was a full-time resident of the hotel and he lived there permanently, in Room 25.

Today, Pikes has 26 rooms, and a restaurant, named Room 39. You can check in, but you can never check out.

pikes hotel ibiza

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18 thoughts on “82 hotels to sleep in before you die: Pikes Ibiza (nr. 4)

  1. Oh wow. I certainly would love to stay at all of these. I’m a huge fan of finding the best hotels when I travel. Hotels are a major part of the travel experience.

  2. I am trying to go to Ibiza next year, and I will certainly see if this hotel has any availability. What a cool place and to stay at the same home as Freddy Mercury… EPIC! I can’t wait to see what other hotels you have to share with us!

  3. I love hotels like this that have a great, and not-so-great past! It paints a picture of the hotel and defines it. Part of the travel experience is staying in hotels with a past.

  4. I’ve stayed away from hotels the past few years, but staying in something with a bit of history or quirkiness is definitely a big drawcard for me. Thanks for compiling this!

  5. Choosing a hotel is a top priority when I travel. I love to stay in hotels. Ibiza is on my bucket list item. Looking forward to seeing what other hotels you share in the future.

  6. Wat een verhaal. Inderdaad genoeg om een complete film over te schrijven! Bijzonder dat al die grote namen hier verbleven, lijkt me alleen al bijzonder om hier gewoon eens rond te lopen en het allemaal te zien. Ga het in elk geval opslaan, want hoop sowieso nog een keer naar Ibiza te gaan.

  7. Wat een bijzonder verhaal! Ik heb echt even doorgeklikt. Ooit zou ik heel graag eens richting Ibiza willen, maar gek genoeg denkt H. daar anders over. Het trekt hem totaal niet, maar ik vermoed dat hij Ibiza ziet als het ‘party eiland’, terwijl het helemaal niet zo hoeft te zijn.

    1. Mijn nichtjes woonden er vroeger dus toen ik klein/jong was, gingen we vaak in de herfstvakantie. We zaten dan in het binnenland en het was heerlijk weer. Geen vette feesten of toeristen daar en echt een heel mooi eiland inderdaad!

  8. Wauw dit is echt een hotel met een verhaal en daar ben idd us dol op. Het is dat Ibiza niet echt een bestemming voor mij is, maar ik zou er anders zeker even langs willen lopen. Dat deed ik ook bij de Viper room in LA, alleen al door het verhaal er om heen. Het lijkt me heel bijzonder om hier te verblijven en dan vooral die laatste foto, een beetje Hotel California 🙂

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