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82 hotels to sleep in before you die: Calala Island (2)

Fancy a Robinson Crusoe experience minus the hunger, the despair and the ugly beard? Calala Island is the ideal place for you. It’s an exclusive private island retreat in the undiscovered Nicaraguan Caribbean. You can stay in one of the suites but you can also book the entire island!

exclusive hotel

Four suites

There are no more than four suites on the idyllic island. The thatch-roofed beachfront ‘villas’ stand on stilts over white sands and are styled after traditional Caribbean palapas. With open ocean views in front and palm forest behind, each one is completely private. The suites are tastefully decorated, in harmony with the surroundings.

You can book the whole island (sleeps 10 people) privately. That’s 45,000 square metres just for you. There is a friendly staff of 22 on the grounds to ensure an unforgettable stay. This is set out to be a true holiday!

calala island holiday

Eat, swim, sleep, repeat

Spend your days on Calala Island relaxing and enjoying the breahtaking nature. You can walk around on the beach, swim in one of the two lovely pools (one of which is a splendid infinity pool), enjoy a massage in one of the private pavilions, go on a fishing trip, snorkel or paddle board and so much more.

hotel hideaway

You can go relax-mode all the way, but you could also be active during your holiday if you prefer as there are many activities to choose from. Tailor-made experiences, from dining to activities, are no exception here. Everything (almost) is possible in the exclusive hideaway.

And of course, there is the food. Dining on the Island is a gastronomic experience unmatched elsewhere in the Caribbean. Daily-changing menus using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients are served in a variety of locations around the Island. Chef de cuisine, Lorne Emerson, is constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver a sensational dining experience. Emerson cooked in award-winning and Michelin-starred restaurants throughout France for a decade.

calala island slh

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Calala Island joined the ranks of SLH at the end of 2018 so it’s still a relatively new addition in the trusted collection of luxury boutique hotels. High-profile and celebrity guests looking for an unspoiled luxury island hideaway have already found their way to Calala Island.

exclusive luxury destinations

The luxury resort has received numerous awards and is known to be one of the most exclusive private islands in the world. It is even possible to request no-fly zones over the island if needed.

So the number 2 of our ‘Hotels to sleep in before you die’ is very different than the number 1, isn’t it? Both so beautiful though, don’t you agree?! Are you an island-person? Would you like to stay on Calala Island?

18 thoughts on “82 hotels to sleep in before you die: Calala Island (2)

  1. Hmmmm. Het eerste waar ik altijd naar kijk is of alles dicht kan en het dak (van binnenuit naar boven). Sinds mijn ervaring in Ubud (grote rat en hele grote spin) ben ik uiterst voorzichtig geworden. Met een open badkamer – hebben we ervaren in zowel een hotel in Java als op Bali – maak je mij niet blij. ‘s Avonds een lampje aandoen met alle insecten? Niet zo handig. En voor wat betreft het dak vind ik het vervelend als het niet ‘glad’ is zodat ik kan zien wat zich beweegt. Begrijp mij niet verkeerd, het ziet er prachtig en idyllisch uit, maar de ervaring – bij mij dan – heeft anders uitgewezen.

    1. Haha had het er nog met mijn dochter over hoe smaken kunnen verschillen want toen mijn dochter deze blog zag was het eerste dat zij zei: “liever jij dan ik”. We hadden het er nog even over want voor mij zou dit hotel een paradijs zijn maar haar leek het een regelrechte nachtmerrie.

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