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Art Crush | Ray Caesar

I admire Ray Caesar‘s work very much but his art also disturbs me to a certain extend.

Communion (c) Ray Caesar, 2017
Pollux (c) Ray Caesar, 2005

Born in London, Ray Caesar lived in Toronto most his life. He’s living an interesting, though not always very happy life: he had a rough childhood, worked for 17 years in a children’s hospital, lost his mum and sister to cancer in a very short period of time and struggled/s with dissociative identity disorder.

Ray Caesar
Burden of her memories (c) Ray Caesar, 2003
Revelation, Ray Caesar (2010)

There are many recurring themes in his digital art and 3D modeled characters and lots of tentacles and insects as well 🙂

Look at the details in any of this pieces, they are great, he doesn’t forget a thing!

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