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The Untourist Guide to Amsterdam

The Untourist Guide to Amsterdam is a cool tourist guide but most of all, it is an initiative aiming to motivate tourists to change Amsterdam (and other busy cities) and the way they travel for the better. The movement tries to improve relations between residents and tourists by showing tourists ‘the real Amsterdam’, far from the beaten path.

Mass tourism

I have lived in Amsterdam for 29 years, until 2014. It is a wonderful town but it is losing part of its charm due to mass tourism. Amsterdam is not the only city that has experienced the downside of mass tourism. Venice, Barcelona, Split amongst others have seen soulless donut shops and other tourist traps growing fast and replacing the authentic cityscape.

Mass tourism does have quite some downsides but it’s not all negative. Tourism does generate lots of jobs for example, but we need to change the way we travel. The Untourist Guide to Amsterdam helps doing exactly that. The initiative deals with topics like sustainability and plastic waste. How can we, as tourists, help?

Fun activities in Amsterdam

As a traveller you are not merely a consumer. You are here to contribute – in ways that will make your visit all the more enjoyable. The guide contains fun and beneficial activities in Amsterdam. Don’t worry, it’s not written in a patronizing way at all. It’s nice and original.

Let’s hope more destinations will follow this little Amsterdam guide and that more tourists will become aware of new ways to travel. Travel local, experience the people, the culture, the destinations you visit. This guide is an invitation to become part of a movement of engaged travelers.

Marry an Amsterdammer for the day

Some examples of the activities you’ll find in the guide: marry an Amsterdammer for the day, join a laughter workshop, take a refugee canal tour, or go trashure hunting in the Red Light District. Eventhough I’ve lived in Amsterdam for a long time, I would still love to discover some of these activities. They are so creative and seem like so much fun. I even saw a pillow fight tour! The Untourism Guide to Amsterdam must be my favorite Amsterdam guide ever!

We travel because we love our world so it’s only logical that we would want to protect it. Get your copy of Untourist Guide to Amsterdam and save the world 🙂

25 thoughts on “The Untourist Guide to Amsterdam

  1. Ik ga volgende week naar Amsterdam! We zouden naar madam Tussauds maar helaas zijn de tickets verlopen dus we hebben nu een boottocht, lekker shoppen en naar blond cafe!

  2. Oh dit lijkt me echt een onwijs leuk en grappig boek met unieke tips om Amsterdam op een andere manier te beleven. Vond het vroeger erg leuk om Amsterdam te bezoeken, maar word tegenwoordig inderdaad best wel moe van de toeristen (waarvan ik er dan natuurlijk een van ben…). Bedankt voor het delen van deze tip!

  3. Al woon ik in Nederland, naar Amsterdam gaan is voor mij gewoon echt een uitje. Leuk om zo je eigen hoofdstad te verkennen en is andere plekjes te zien.

  4. Wow! I didn’t know that you can marry an Amsterdammer for the day! I would also love to try the laughter session. I know those activities would be fun and very bloggable! haha!

  5. This has some fun ways to get involved. Your ‘soulless donut shop’ comment is a call to action. I love to travel, but that’s not the kind of thing I travel to see. It’s important to keep it authentic.

  6. Amsterdam is one of my favorite places in the world to be. I am kicking myself because I didn’t know I could marry an Amsterdamer for a day. How incredible fun would that have been?! I’ll be getting one of those guides because I for sure will be back in Amsterdam one day.

  7. This sounds like an amazing resource. I love getting away from tourist attractions and having fun experiencing the real city! I’ll have to keep this in mind if I cam ever able to make it out to Amsterdam!

  8. These look like really fun activities! I cannot imagine how you can marry someone for one day? I am sure there are no legalities in this, right? I would love to try the laughter session. That sounds like a lot of fun.

  9. I would love to visit Amsterdam someday! I love all of the unique excursions they offer! Thanks for the tips:)

  10. Reading this made me sad. I grew up in England and have been to Amsterdam quite a number of times. I would hate to see the beauty and charm of that city and other nearby cities disappear.

  11. I love visiting places and NOT going to the tourist areas. I feel there is so much missing of the true culture in these areas.

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