Cake & Caviar


What’s your favorite country, France or Croatia? Do you prefer Japanese or Lebanese food? A city trip or an isolated island? Books or movies? Do you like staying in luxury hotels or in casual b&b’s? Would you like some cake or some caviar? It seems I must constantly choose.

Well, I do not want to choose. I want cake and caviar! I truly enjoy a camping holiday as much as a stay in a luxury 5-star hotel. I love mixing and matching outfits – why not wear some Zara with a skirt from that cute little market, a vintage hat and Louboutin shoes? And yes, I love art and movies, fashion and sculptures, paintings and photography.

If you can relate, come and get your weekly shot of beautiful things and beautiful places on Cake & Caviar.


Cake & Caviar

Frédérique Sursock | Founder and main contributor of Cake & Caviar

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